*UPDATE* How to Pick a Good Rooster?

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  1. SproutGirl

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    Well, we have decided to try to keep one of our roosters. Our neighbors all give us compliments on their crowing, and we sure do love having them around. So, despite the local ordinance, we will try with an outlaw, we think. But, with 4 out of our 6 birds being boys, we think it might be best to only keep one roo. So, how to pick? Here's the run-down of the boys, and I'd sure appreciate any insight you might have. Thanks!

    All of our roosters are Amerucanas, and we have 2 Rhode Island Red Hens. All birds are about 4 months old.

    1. Amos. Top of the pecking order. Lemony yellow. Social, intelligent, curious about everyone and everything. Even communicates with our cats and dogs. But, a tiny bit of a bully at times. Real deep crow.

    2. Bob. Our most beautiful bird. Wheaton with a blue wing feather. Bright red wattles and comb. Tries to be the top rooster. Crows the most and the loudest. Also can be a tiny bit of a bully at times.

    3. Mochi. Our most peaceful roo. Almost no tail, so closest to Araucana breed, perhaps. Calm, quiet, and peaceful bird. Our largest bird, too. He crowed first, but now rarely crows. He took care of our runt when they were chicks.

    4. Penguin. The runt. He's not the smartest bird in the bunch; it took him several weeks to learn how to use the door. He gets picked on, and he's frightened of everything. He's small and quiet, but he's fast!

    If anyone with rooster-keeping experience could lend some advice to our backyard flock, I'd sure appreciate it! We will be adding more hens throughout time--probably up to half a dozen.
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    May 3, 2008
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    They all sound great, you have a tough decision to make. I'm sorry I can't help you with the choice because I would say move so that I could keep them all. I had to do that 12 year's ago but I'm really happy I did,I kept all my animal's. Now I live in the country in a county that has no animal control or animal laws. I could have 1000 roo's if I wanted them. I'll never leave this county. Where else could I have over 100 bird's and my 17 dog's, most are pitbulls and rottys. Good luck in making your choice. [​IMG]
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    I wonder, might the quieter roos start to crow more once the more dominant roos move away?
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    #2... go with beauty.
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    Bob is the man! You want a roo that acts like a roo, wants to be a roo and best represents his breed. Ive never seen Bob but just the way you describe him. HEY BOB YOU HAVE MY VOTE......[​IMG]
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    Thanks for your votes! This is almost more never-wracking than choosing a President!

    We think that we are going to take Bob and Penguin. #'s 2 & 4 to a new, permanent home. Bob has been stealing food from the hens, and poor Penguin is just the Runt. Amos and Mochi are still in the running. Amos the smart fellow with the deep loud crow, and Mochi the quiet fellow who keeps the peace. We will see how their personalities develop in a smaller flock.
  10. HaileyNJoliesMom

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    Jun 18, 2008
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    Im voting for Mochi, I like a peace keeper [​IMG]

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