*Update* integrating our pullets

Jul 27, 2019
North Texas
View attachment 1905795 Abby (circled) and Katie
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Daisy (the reason her back is circled is

because I was worried that the slant of those feathers might mean she’s a roo)
I had asked a couple months ago tips on combining chicks with adults. Well, today is the day. We will be buying live crickets from the pet store to entertain them so that their sole focus won’t be attacking the pullets. So nervous!!!:fl We have two pullets (Abby and Daisy) and three adults (Ruby, Betty, and Katie) the coop is about 120 square feet not including were they sleep (it also has their two nesting boxes in it) wish me luck! :thumbsup
Have they ever seen each other, like through the fence or anything? Or is this their actual first introduction?
No, we have split their coop in half with wire (they are all in the same coop just with a divider so the adults can’t get to the pullets) so they can see each other. They stick their heads through the wire to eat each other’s food. The adults will scream at them or run up real fast to the wire block to scare them. They have free ranged together a few times but the pullets always get chased off.

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