UPDATE just an eye infection?

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  1. I'm no stranger to eye scratches/infections. Ive had PLENTY of chickens go through them. What i was wondering, though, is what anyone thinks of this guy: [​IMG]

    I just got him from the store. He had no tail feathers but i knew he wasnt rumpless because i could see stubs of feathers down there. However the balding did let me see that his whole nether region was the color and texture of his comb. Over the next few days his eyes began to swell, get bubbly, and he became slightly lethargic. I know when you take pictures of dogs and cats and the reflection from the inside of their eyes is the color of his something is wrong, so i was a bit disconcerned. I tried irrigating his eyes with saline and nothing happened. Now he just roosts all day and sleeps. His comb and wattles are getting pale and black on the extremities. He can barely open his eyes too. He still gets food and water and always has a full crop. Basically, i just need to know if he is gunna die or live, and if he has a contagious infection. In which case i would need to quell him. I cant risk my babies getting sick and dying. Another one of my roosters is experiencing a similar problem but only in one eye. I think thats just a scratch. thanks ahead for any help!

    Today, this rooster suddenly plummeted downhill. After a downpour that lasted about a half hour i found him outside, on the ground, covered in flies. When i picked him up, he was still alive, but his neck was twisted and he couldn't stand. I decided it was his time, because i didn't want to see him suffer any more than he already was. After he was put to sleep, i preformed an autopsy. I determined his infection became septic and caused his body to shut down. The culprit was not a scratched eye, but a piece of pine shavings lodged behind his left eye which became inflammed, infected, spread, and caused sepsis. For future reference, does anyone know how to get a piece of shavings out of a chicken this has happened to?
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    Watch for wheezing, sneezing, nasal discharge etc. Seems like some of the resp infections have bubble eye symptoms.
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    Hi, give him a weeks course on herban (easily bought off the interent, try ebay), just add a little to drinking water, and golden eye (buy it from any chemist) used for humans but have used it on my chickens for months. If you can pull his lower eye lid out and squeeze a little along it, also rub a small amount onto his out eye. You should find his eye clear up really quickly. I find herban a miracle cure, it certainly has perked up any chicken I have had ill. Best of luck.
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    Hey! That's what my silkie's eye looks like! She's gotten lethargic in the last 1-2 days!

    Gotta do this! Thanks guys!

  5. Are there any antibiotics or other meds i can buy at a tractor supply or pet store? I would like to stay away from internet orders. Also, any natural remedies would be nice. Something i could whip up from a plant native to the northeast.
  6. This guy isnt getting any better. I tried to open his eyes today and pus shot out. If i cant get him any better in a few weeks when my chicks hatch i will have to quell him, and i really don't want to. I have a japanese hen who has very watery eyes, nasal discharge, and eye bubbles. I couldnt smell any of the discharge, but i dont know if the disease is at the stage where it smells. Please help! Somebody!
  7. Im trying an herbal remedy. Long plantain. I boiled the leaves for a few minutes then let it steep, i gave it to them in their waterm as well as a bit in their eyes. (The native americans used to use it for eye infections/respiratory ailments.) Ill keep everyone posted to see if it works.

  8. I gave the medicine to this rooster and my japanese female. Also, to another chicken who did just have an eye scratch. All three have improved overnight.
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    It sounds like you are dealing with a respiratory disease. Type "denagard" in the BYC search box and read up on it. You might be able to treat your chickens with it.

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