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  1. I'm not sure what to do. I asked if I could have some eggs shipped express... They said yes. So I purchased some extra eggs from them as well after I won the auction. Then they didn't ship express. They did at least refund part of the shipping I paid for. That was the first minus. I would NOT have purchased eggs if they couldn't go express.

    Then the eggs were packed in a way that looked like they lined the box with one layer of bubble wrap in, put in the eggs (individually wrapped), then dumped shredded paper on top. The eggs were all around the outside of the box instead of protected in the middle. As a result, some were broken and I am sure it contributed to egg stress and chilling.

    Now I'm at my 7 day candle and have 24 eggs, most are clear. Compared to a batch of silkie eggs that were well packed and sent at the same time - there was only 1 blood ring egg and the rest are fertile.

    So I am wondering - do I leave bad eggbid feedback or just eat it on this one?
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    Have you let the seller know how the eggs arrived and how many are candling clear? I'd give the seller a chance to make it right with you before leaving negative feedback.
  3. I have not. I will do that now and see what happens.
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    If you have already emailed them about the poor packing...I would leave a negative post on packing...but let them have the chance to make it right...I would offer to pay for the shipping but they supply a new set of eggs
  5. I don't want to even try more eggs from this person. [​IMG] No point in throwing good money after bad. But I will appreciate an offer to make it right...
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    I wouldn't want any more eggs from them.
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    Quote:I second that.

    Bottom line " No point in throwing good money after bad."

  8. I should add to this that the eggs were dated and some of them were 10 days old by the time I got them. [​IMG] I don't know if that is really too old, but I have not received eggs that old from any BYC'ers or my other two EB purchases.

    This person had good feedback, but it was all for buying not selling. They have only sold 3 sets of eggs total on eggbid (counting my purchase).
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    10 day olds when yuo get them...that isn't cool...be miffed...bad feedback is only warning folks...these peole need to realize if they want to sell stuff it needs to be quality and that you can't save for a week to get a dozen eggs to sell! If you sell a dozen eggs you had better be getting close to that each day or at max over a weekend.
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    Eggs can be 100% viable at 10 days. The average collection is 10 - 14 days, turning daily, before setting eggs. After 14 days the viability does begin to lessen.

    It is perfectly normal to collect eggs for 5 - 7 days and then ship them out. Making eggs 10 - 14 days upon receipt.

    10 days is not a bad thing.

    I would privately contact the seller. if they are willing to replace eggs then it is up to you to accept them or politely refuse them.

    If you don't want this persons eggs any more do what 75% of us here do - just walk away and forget about it. Shipped eggs is a risk not matter what you do or where you are.

    I don't think bad feed back is the best idea. The money for the express mail was refunded. Perhaps most importantly they need a refresher on packaging their eggs. Even some of the best packaging can't withstand the PO handling.

    I have been on both sides of the fence. I paid $150 for 50 eggs and got 1 chick from it.

    Am I a bit disappointed - you bet.

    Am I going to leave bad feedback? Heck no.

    Will I buy again? probably not.

    When the eggs leave the sellers hands there really isn't anything the seller can do to control the shipment at that point.

    Shipped eggs are a risk and if you aren't willing to accept the risks then don't buy the eggs.

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