UPDATE! My new baby fainting goat is MISSING!


9 Years
Feb 11, 2010
Western Wisconsin
We just bought two 8 week old fainting goats and brought them home on Sunday. They have a safe, secure pen inside our shed while we finished fencing the pasture (spring rain delayed us). Tonight - just 2 days later - my daughter (she's 12) didn't close the door properly and one of the goats escaped. I'm certain it happened after 4:30pm. My husband got home at 6:30 and started mowing lawn and it wasn't until 7:30 when they noticed the goat was missing. I got home from work about that time and we've been searching ever since. I posted a couple ads on craigslist, talked to all of our neighbors, scoured through about 20 acreas of surrounding woods, and even sat in teh yard with the other goat bleating her heart out, in hopes he would answer back.

This is our first pair of goats. I don't know what their instincts are and if he is going to just run run run or hunker down and hide tonight. I keep going outside to listen, but I don't know what else to do!

My daughter is so upset! (So am I, but she knows she made a terrible mistake and feels horrible!)

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Waiting to hear if all turns out well. All I know from some friends that have about 60 is that the little ones can jump very well, better than the bigger ones and they will sqeeze through the tiniest of spaces, I hope this tid bit can shed some light on where it could have gone or be hiding.
It may have gone far enough to get lost and not hear its mate. Put in a call in the morning to Humane Soc. and local Police as they may get it turned into them. Hope it gets home safe and sound.
How sad, I feel for you and your daughter. (I bet this is a mistake she will never make again.

I sure hope you find it. Good Luck!!!
I have had goats for a lot of years. I have never had an 8 week old wander off by itself. They can hear each other from a very long distance, and you can hear them, as soon as they are out of sight they generally start screaming. I hope you found her and a neighbor took her in for the night not knowing that you had them. If the remaining kid isn't screaming and upset, the missing one might be sleeping near by and you just haven't spotted her yet.
Oh, so sorry to hear that! I'm getting my first goats in about 8 weeks. Hope you find her.

(I feel so sorry for your daughter.....hard lessen to learn....Bet she'll check the door twice next time....I know, at the age of 12, I would just be devastated by that.....)

Update!! We found him!

My DH went to get something from his car at 6:00am this morning and says I'd better come quick! After a very sleepless night, my mind immediately thought the worst. But...here - in our garage - was our missing goat.

Now..we were in & out of the garage a hundred times last night during our search. The doors were shut around 10:00pm. I really think one of our neighbors must've found him and brought him over in the middle of the night.

The other goat (a doeling) had pretty much lost her voice by 2:00am. They sure were happy to see each other this morning. I'm sooooo happy we have him back...especially for my daughter's sake.

Two days of goat ownership and already a stressful experience. I'm going to be in for a fun ride, I think!!

My daughter in her jammies and messy hair, greeting Socks in his hiding spot. (excuse our mess!)
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