!!!UPDATE!!! Not sleeping on roost?? Make sense?

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6 Years
Mar 30, 2013
Hello all, i have two chickens and i am NEW to this. my two ladies have always slept on the roost together although it is not in a coop. i noticed that one of the ladies has been spending more time in her nesting box, and then tonight i she is sleeping in it and not on the roost.... Should i be worried???


Ok, so someone told us to move her as it sounded like she was trying to keep the eggs warm, hatch chicks... This sounded a little wierd to me because we do not have a rooster. So after moving her, she made a wierd gobble noise and found three eggs, three very HOT eggs. Does this make sense? do hens sometime try to keep them warm as if they were fertilized? can i eat the eggs still since they are so warm?
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I wish i knew, we aqcuired them from our land lord, and he pseaks very little english....
She has not come out of the nesting box since yesterday, (that i have seen). I moved the nesting box and she tried to peck me, as she seemd annoyed....... how do i tell if she is sick? Is she dying? Stressed out!!!!!!

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