Update on Aug 6 dog attack victim

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10 Years
Aug 9, 2009
Either chickens are amazing or I have a miracle bird. My poor little Belgian d'Anvers lost a half dollar sized piece of skin exposing her crop and a portion of her breast muscle, got sewed up (the next day -trouble finding a vet to do it), picked at herself til she needed stitched again, then started leaking food throught the wound. At this point I decided all I could do was keep her clean, dry, fed and watered, and as long as she was able to poop, there must be some nourishment getting in. She's molting quite a bit, but the injured area is hardly noticable. It's been 7 weeks since the attack, and she acts normal.
Wow! She must be quite a trouper!

Glad she's getting better.

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