Update on Hulk *Graphic*

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    Hulk is doing well, he has healed his neck wounds pretty well, and his beak isnt going to make it, part of it anyway. He is now back outside with the other younger ducks and moved into that flock pretty seamlessly.

    Hulk is still being treated with antibiotics on his beak/mouth a few times a day and getting looked over to make sure the others are not bullying him.

    These pictures are from 6/13, so about a week and a half after the initial incident:


    This right by his head. The wound has scabbed over well and has started feathering back out. It less than half the size before.


    Hulk's lower neck wound. The scabby part is getting ready to fall off, feathers are coming back in and close inspection reveals the wound is gone and Hulk will have a small scar.


    Hulk's dying beak. I keep cleaning it and treating with antibiotic cream.


    Right side of beak. No inflammation or heat or tenderness.


    Left side. The wound nearest his nostril is healing well and skin recovering although the lower end is dying off.


    Part of his lower bottom side He didnt like being handled for this.


    Inside his mouth, you can see where the beak has died all the way through. It is hard to see but his soft palette is nice a pink except for 2 spots. We will have to wait and see how much comes off when it is all over.

    it should be noted that he is using his mouth and beak like the other ducks. He does eat and dabble in the water. Hulk preens his feathers. In fact he spent more than an hour going over him self pulling some of the damaged ones out and oiling himself and repeatedly tried to clean the ointment off his feathers. I have to put him away when i dump the kiddie pool as the water runs across the yard to keep him from playing in the muddy areas to keep his beak clean.

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    Great progress!

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