Update on Lulu, Spook, and Rio


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Aug 17, 2010
I had the space, time, and money so I took in three horses. They are currently in a pen, but once they get use to us, they will have forty acres and a pond to themselves. They seem to be settling in nicely. We all have our favorites. My son is in love with Rio. I am in love with Spook. My step dad is in love with Lulu. Though Lulu has a way about her that is easy to love.





They are beautiful
They have the sweetest faces and the kindest eyes.
Thank you for giving them a good home where they are loved and cared for.
Wow! What a gorgeous place you have! Those three ladies are going to be sooo happy there!

How are they settling in? I'm glad that each of the three is someone's favorite - what lucky mares!! Thanks for telling me you posted this!
They are settling in very well. We have yet to find a treat that Lulu won't eat. Rio and Spook insist we cut up their apples before they will eat them. Spook's favorite entertainment is dumping their water. I have learned to fill it and wait fifteen minutes then fill it again. Rio is really good for my son so far. She will let him walk her in the pen till he loses interest. She will also stand like a statue if she knows he is by her. She won't even turn to look at him, but you can tell she is listening to him. I love watching them together. Spook is the slowest to warm up. She is making me work for her trust. I am spending at least a hour a day with them. This weekend I will be able to spend more time with them.

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