Update on Maci Jeffries

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    Maci is having a bad week, she has had to have drain tube put back in and as been in a lot of pain, she now has an infection which has clogged the drainage tube. They have done a CT scan and are waiting results to determine what is next. Again, Maci and her family need our immediate and continued prayers.

    A Valentine card shower is being held for Maci. If anybody who has her address from her birthday shower would like to participate, please do, this little girl could use some love.
    If you don't have Maci's address, please post here, and I will PM it to you ASAP. I may not be able to get to you quickly due to my own life getting in the way, though, so please, anybody who has her address, if you could pitch in with PMing it to people I'd be so grateful. I had to close down the thread earlier than I would have liked last time because the sheer number of people responding was overwhelming and very hard to keep up with.

    Thanks so much, guys! I know all us crazy chicken people are making a difference in this little girl's life, even if it's only a small one. [​IMG]

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