Update on my 2 prayer requests previously


8 Years
Feb 13, 2011
Central IL
Baby Dravin -- He is off the ECMO machines Praise God! He is now trying to be weaned off the ventilator down to a step ventilator...still critical in the NICU tho...He's 3 months now

My eldest DD Britt-- remember she was to have a job or get kicked out and be homeless (not getting into it all here tho)...she called last night and Praise God, she has a part time job
at subway...hey I'm not crazy about it being a PT job..but dang it..its a job!! 15 hrs a wk, M-F 5 to 8...its a job..its a stepping stone..Lord willing it'll help her self esteem..
she's a very smart kid..so hoping she can use it to her advantage and maybe move to supervisor or more of a FT position..at this point I dont care..as long as she has a job!!!
Sheila; I just seen you are in Decatur! I am there quite often!

No anyone who has any ornamental white egg layers?? lol

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