Update on my chicken that had canker new issues please hlp

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    Nov 19, 2014
    I have got all the canker out and she began eating on her own. I tube fed her for a couple weeks. I have new problems with her
    She has gained quite a bit of weight back too. Ok let me list new symptoms

    1. She still can't see well or get balance very well. Been 5 days since removed huge canker mass. we thought it was maybe doing it. She staggers when walks some. Pecks in air until finds food bowl.

    2. Cant seem to remember how to drink properly. She rarely tips head back. She pecks hard into her water, when I can even get her interested. Have been tubing around 15 ml water (7ml at a time) a couple times a day. Is this enough?

    3. When she first got sick she smelled like she was dead very strong putrid smell. It went away while I was tube feeding her. It is coming back. She began to smell yesterday, not even near her mouth I can smell her about a foot away? Feeding her fresh feed, scratch and a bit of rice, with water like mush a few times a day. Poop looks a little dry but normal other than that.

    4. This is the worst and mainly why I'm writing. For 2 nights now She suddenly awoke from sleep screeching and flailing around in her cage! (its in the house) Tonight it was worse more thrashing than first time. After I held her close and put towel around her she settled down. I swear I thought she died.

    Do chickens get night terrors? Do you think she has major brain damage? I am thinking she does. I am torn on what to do. She was getting perkier and better even though couldn't see well.

    Thanks Ladies for all your help

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