UPDATE on sick chickens

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    May 10, 2011
    Well I posted on here many times trying to figure out what was wrong with my chickens. I am happy to say they are still alive and doing better. We FINALLY found a vet that sees chickens in our area and he prescribed baytril. They both are showing improvements. He couldn't specifically say what the problem was but it defnitely seems like the antibiodic is helping. Here the symptoms again just in case anyone else runs into this problem and can't tell what it is:

    -yellow material running out of vent
    -swollen, red vent
    -struggling to use bathroom
    -in serious stage blood may come out of vent
    -missing feathers around vent
    -CAN lead to death if not treated (we lost one previous to taking other two to vet)
    -seems to be contagious (one dead from infection and 2 have same issue)

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