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    Hello everyone, been a long time since I have been on here. just trying to keep things on an even keel at home, keeping up the Alpacas and inside critters and ailing husband, plus our wonderful 12 year old boy!!!
    First to the ailing husband; had a passing out spell a month ago, hit his head and was a miracle he didn't hit the edge of the snack bar and really do a number on his head, but God was looking out for him, and gently (!) laid him on the kitchen floor, hitting the dogs feeder and busting it all to pieces . . .that is where the small longish cut came from behind his ear. Took him to the ER and they determined that he was dehydrated, fluided him up and sent him home. A week ago he started to get up about 3 a.m. and fell backwards on the bed; was confused, couldn't talk, eyes glazed over and staring. I thought he was having a stroke; luckily our son who is an LPN was home and he came and checked him out, which by that time, he was coming around and had me put the oxygen sensor on his finger, and our son checked his blood sugar (severe diabetic) which was fine, blood pressure was good, but pulse was 38. This has been an ongoing, getting worse type of issue for the past several months, so at 4 a.m. we were in the ER and had a wonderful ER doctor who drove all the way from Chicago (5 hours) to work in our local ER. (long story why the town docs don't work it!) and he called the heart spec who just happened to be out at the lake where he has a home also . . . and he admitted him. The next day we were at St. Luke's in St. Louis and by 3:30 that afternoon he had a pacemaker and its been a Christmas Miracle at the Whispering Winds farmhouse. This pacemaker does not shock the heart back into regular heart beats; it keeps his heart rate at 60 all the time. His color is back, his energy is SO good but he is sad that he has lost so much time because of this, but has happier days ahead for sure!!!! Hoping this means a big garden again and a CHICKEN HOUSE FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy New Year everyone; many many blessings and special moments for all of us 2013.
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    Sounds like your DH has a new lease on life! Hope he continues to do well, and that you have a wonderful new year!
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    No sadness! Don't look backwards. His life is all before him now. [​IMG]

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