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    Hi You may remember that one of my 2 day old chicks got out and was pecked by another hen. The first thing was to put calendula ointment on it. The next thing was to put vit e on it with a drop of tea tree oil in it. The next day at I put vit e on it with a thin film of vics vap o rub on it (to keep it from being pecked). It was healing up very fast but the chick was very, very weak. An experienced person here suggested feeding it scrambled egg mixed with buttermilk. I didn't have any buttermilk but gave it scrambled egg. The effect was instantaneous. I wanted it to reintegrate with the little family so it wouldn't be rejected and then I would have to raise it. I put it in with the "mom" overnight and in the morning it was so active I had to hunt to pick it out of the frisky mob. I let the family out of the coop at the suggestion of another BYC member and it quickly healed and even popped out some wings at the same stage of development as the others. Some photos of little weak chick running to catch up and then with its family group. Sorry about the focus



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    [​IMG] I am glad she recovered!

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