UPDATE - one crowed at 18 days old???

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    Are you serious??? This baby is 18 days old and CROWING!?? It's the Cochin/Ameraucana. His comb is quite yellow, but it is pronouced. I need to start a new thread to see who's got the youngest crower. I have hatched waaay too many roosters in the last year. I'm beginning to think my house is on the burial ground of Chief Crowing Rooster.

    ORIGINAL POST: I just saw an EE thread that I can't find right now where coloring and feathering was discussed to determine gender. I'm wondering what anyone might think these 18-day-old chicks might be? Thanks in advance!

    This baby is from a buff orpington hen and splash Ameraucana rooster:




    And this little one is from a white bantam cochin roo and a standard splash Ameraucana hen (this egg was an "oops" in the bator):


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    Tough call---can you get pics of their combs?

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