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    A friend of mine lives next to a huge chicken ranch. One got loose last summer and they sort of adopted it, fed and watered it over the summer. When cold weather set in they gave it a wood box to live in ad it did OK until the really severe cold set in. One morning they thoght it was dead with it's feet in the air but it recovered. I invited them to bring it to my coop where it would be well cared for and they did today.

    This is one of those rock cornish store birds and I'm amazed it survived this long. Well it is now in a cozy coop with my flock and all is well. The really amazing thing is when they caught the chicken last night they discovered that a stray cat had been sharing quarters wth the chicken, sharing food and warmth! If dogs and elephants, cats and chickens can get along, what is our excuse?

    UPDATE: At risk of being called sentimental I will say this confused and all but doomed bird is making a remarkable comeback. This confused little hen was terrified at the sight of other chickens and could only let out a mournful, terrified moan as the other chickens checked her out. The only world she knew was just a cold little box she shared with a stray cat and a few crumbs from a human she seldom saw.

    At first she tried to crawl away into the smallest space she could find. She was only comfortable in a nest box where she had her own private food and water. I indulged her by protecting her from the bullies when I took her out of the nest box for daily exercise. I let her stay in the nest as long as she wanted each day. Two days ago I noticed she was leaving the nest on her own but I still kept a close eye on her. Tonight she sat proudly on the roost next to Lonesome George the big rooster at sundown! I didn't think she could even jump that high!

    I cannot help but admire courage and pluck even in a chicken and a cornish x at that! She has won her place in the flock and has no future in the freezer! I think I will name her Phoenix.
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    You got that right! Animals are just plain smarter.
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    I'm glad you rescued it!
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    We have no excuse. Just have our nose in everybodies business [​IMG].

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