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  1. kt6238

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    Mar 9, 2013
    Good day to all.
    Still don't know what going on. She doesn't appear to be any better or worse this morning. When feeding my flock noticed another hen with her right eye the same; closed and slightly crusted, but breathing seemed normal. I have speedsters the two from the flock and an going to TSC today and get some antibiotic. Don't know what else to do, I am still at a lose as to what's going on but thought it to be really ironic that there was another hen this morning with the same issue.
    If anyone has had a similar issue in the past please give me a heads up on what worked as a cure. Here are the symptoms:
    • Closed, slightly crusted eye (only one, not both)
    • Hen yesterday was gurgling but appears to not be doing it today.
    • Stool seems normal in color, no blood. Does seem to be more like direah, extremely loose.
    • Excludes herself from the flock and just sits around.
    • Feathers are not fluffed as though she feels bad.
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    Jan 17, 2013
    buy tylan 50 injectable. its great for respatory illness
    check online fo dose. the bottle says for cattle and swine however people have had GREAT results using it on chickens. i keep it on hand in case of respatory illness. hope this helps. the injectable will enter the body and bloodstream quicker and at a higer concentration than water souliable antibotics. hope this helps! best of luck!

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