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Jan 14, 2018
Hello! It’s been a while since I’ve posted any updates of my flock! I was looking though my photo gallery, and decided it was time to share!
A lot has happened, but I’ll start if off with the fact that it snowed!!!! Yes, big, fat, heavy flakes that fell for about an hour, before turning to a slush/freezing rain, in October. I was NOT prepared for this amount of cold/snow, so my birds got a little cold that day. They are now all snug and happy with their new pen mates (There are two birds to each pen instead of one, with extra bedding, and in colder night the front of the pens get covered with a blanket.) The garage is also now shut, except a small crack in the big door for the cat’s use, but no cold drafts reach my birds!
I’ve officially decided i’m no longer going to the Ohio National Meet, and instead I’m setting up for breeding season. I’m breeding lemon blues, With one rooster, and 3 (possibly 4, if Squirt nature’s in time) hens, then a pair of brown reds, and a pair of Silver Duckwings. Trying to find a date to drive up to Indiana/Ohio area to buy a birchen rooster (Noticed Ripley has splicing in his lacing, so I won’t be keeping him) and hopefully some Lemon Blue sport pullets, to increase my chances of some LB babies!
Finally, (feel like i’m forgetting other stuff :gig)new birds!!! I now am the owner of 4 silver duckwing Old English (No moderns?! I surprised myself as well:th) They cost me only $4 at a local sale barn. Someone had just gotten out of showing, and most of their birds were pretty nice, and I couldn’t resist taking these pretty birds home. I have two hens, a pulley possibly, not entirely sure on age, then a rooster. They are all SUPER friendly, and very nicely colored, as I can tell, as 2 are molting. One has a pretty bad toenail, on her back nail, it was so long it had curled in a loop twice. I’ve cut it as much as I can without hitting the quick.
I also found two doves at this sale that weren’t selling, an I know a friend that’s been looking for a female. They were both young, so I took my chances of one being a female, and bought them for less then a dollar, when at other sales they sell MUCH higher.
I have no pictures to post a this time, as they won’t load. I’ll take some pictures of the newbies tomorrow, and see if the they picture she’ll load as well!

(Sorry for any typos! I smashed my thumb, index and middle finger trying to move an old couch out to the shed. They are very sore, making it hard to type :plbb)

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