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So last week I discovered that my ducks have made a nest and laid 6 eggs. A week later the female still sits on the eggs and only gets up when I open up there pen and let the roam and and change there swimming water. She swims for a bit then goes right back to the nest. She is louder then ever. My biggest fear is that she will abandon the eggs.
Good Luck, hopefully she stays on those eggs. Mine is on a nest of 15 eggs right now--about 11 are growing. It is so exciting! Mine is a Magpie with either a magpie dad and/or a mallard dad. Can't wait to see what hatches. Keep us updated on yours.
The usually aren't but sometimes you will get a duck that gets all maternal. There have been khaki camp bells and even runners that have gone broody even though neither breed is known for brooding ability. I even had a runner successfully raise a clutch of 12!
Yeah, have a Saxony that went broody and has sat through a full 30 days on eggs that didn't make it, only to steal my Pekin hens eggs, which she has been on for about 3 weeks. That's a long time for a bird that's not supposed to be maternal! So there are always exceptions to the rule!

My girl comes off the nest a time or two throughout the day, swims for a few, forages, makes a horrendously loud, joyous quack the whole time and then goes back to her nest. And I have NO doubt she will go back every time. So I think your hen sounds like she's doing about the same thing.

Stay positive, sounds like she's doing her job!
How do you know when a Pekin is broody for real?

I have 4 Pekin ducks, 2 females... all the same age. The smaller of the two has made a nest, sits it off and on. I thought she was going to actually sit it and try to hatch them because she sat on it for several hours on Saturday and Sunday....she even hissed
at me when I went to gather the new egg up from the nest. I thought she had left it already..... NOPE...I was wrong!

I am not looking to let her hatch them out, but if I want to keep Pekins around I will need some hatched at some point. It would be nice to know if she might be a good candidate to make me some babies in the future

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