Upper respiratory?


6 Years
Jul 20, 2016
I recently acquired 4 hens and a rooster. I immediately noticed that one of the hens had a swollen "blister" under her eye. covering the eye. i looked for infection and didnt see anything. I got the chickens last Sunday, and now her chest is swollen and mushy feeling... like she has fluid build up... I contacted a local vet and waiting for a response. Are there any recommendations?
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Can you post a photo of the eye and blister?

Is the swelling in the chest her crop that you are feeling?
Chickens eat all day so their crops will naturally fill up and empty throughout the day. Before they go to bed (roost) they will generally fill up on food so their crop is full. In the morning the crop should be empty or mostly empty in the morning. Check her crop (chest) at night and then feel it first thing in the morning to see if it's emptied. If not she may have a crop issue. Watch for signs of sour crop like stinky breath or liquid that come out of her beak.

Here's more info on crops:
Thank you for replying. I did have our vet come out. gave two meds for her. said she may not regain sight. but the blister is separate from the eye. said it could be a swollen tear duct. not able to separate her from the rest either. i will post a pic soon.

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