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  1. So how does this happen?

    I ordered 25 FLAT RATE BOXES from USPS online. They were delivered last year. I have been using them to ship out hatching eggs since about this time last year. These are the $8.95 flat rate boxes, good for up to 70lbs.

    On Monday, I wrapped & shipped out 9 Muscovy eggs (the guy paid for 8). The eggs were individually bubble wrapped, with bubble wrap in the bottom of the box, covered in newspaper & more bubble wrap.

    The box was obnoxiously marked with:


    I paid online through the USPS website, printed out the label & dropped off the box at the post office. They scanned them in & off they went.

    So the man I sent them to calls me up, irrate on the phone and says that FIVE of the NINE eggs CRACKED & that when he went to pick up the eggs at the post office, the post office made him PAY $1.90 for "POSTAGE DUE?"

    So now I shipping him MORE eggs at my own cost (as soon as I can gather up a few more to ship him).

    WTH?? Anyone else had this sort of thing happen?

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    Ask for photos of the box and eggs. Also a reciept for postage due.
  3. I didn't even THINK of that...[​IMG]

    This is the FIRST time I've had ANYONE complain about broken eggs or my packing job....

    **off to send email to this dude**
  4. Okay, so I emailed him...we'll see what he says....

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    First off, I wouldn't pay extra postage on a flat rate box unless the P.O. proved to me it was over some limit. Geez, sorry, but how dumb is he? Im not sure he's telling the truth. And it isn't exactly YOUR fault they were broken if they were packed well, although, I would replace eggs if that happened to me. So far it hasn't, thank goodness.
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    I'd be suspicious. I've never heard of having pay to get your package unless it was COD.

    I think it's good business to replace the eggs, however IMO it's not your fault if they got damaged in shipping. I would ask to see pictures, of course. There are just some people who are not trustworthy and will take advantage, I would make sure before sending out any eggs that you have evidence that what he says is true.
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    I would be a little skeptical that this guy is telling the truth, too. Something sounds a little fishy here. Can't wait to hear his reply!

  8. Quote:Well, I say right on my eBay ads that I will take no responsbility for broken eggs & there are no refunds. But this is the first time this kind of thing has happened--so I felt bad.....
  9. Quote:Nope, no COD! He sent me PayPal $ & I paid for the flat rate USPS box for $8.95 I charged him $13.00 for the shipping because I use a TON of bubble wrap & it's a 40 mile round trip for me to the post office & back...

    I emailed him & asked for a picture of the receipt & of the box/eggs....he's threatening to leave me negative feedback on eBay--which I don't want! [​IMG]
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    I'm thinking they aren't your eggs. Maybe he ordered some from another seller at the same time. So possilby this shipment wasn't even from you. Flat rate is flat rate there's no adding postage due when it arrives.

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