Upside down Rooster!

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    Sep 25, 2012
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    First off unfortunately we didnt get any pictures.

    We went to turn out the chickens from their coop like any other day and there was one of our almost 3 month old Pearl White Leghorn Rooster hanging upside down from the perch! Only thing we could figure is to many birds got on that one perch and got pushy and his leg got hung in the perch where the branch forks. I suppose he went to jump, fly off, or got pushed and his leg just happen to get in the fork.

    He was alive after hanging there for god knows how long. He couldnt use that leg at all. We figured he wasnt gonna make it. We put him in the old coop by himself with feed and water. Not even a week later he is out of the coop and using although favoring that one leg almost back to his old self again.
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    Ooo, very lucky roo. There's another post on here (I can't find it) where someone's hen died because of the same thing. I'd remove the forks you have in the branches so there's no chance of anyone getting their little feet/legs stuck again, though.

    I'm very glad your roo is doing well now![​IMG]

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