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    hello afther having a lot of replys i have desided to use a secound incubator as a hatcher i am using rcom suro 20 incubators and ive got one with chicken and duck eggs in so i need to remove chicken eggs to a hatcher can i use a hova bator still air as the hatcher it is set to 102 f rcoms are set to 37.5 c will the temp be ok any help please thank you paul
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    Where are you taking the temperature in that still air? Hot air rises. Where you take the temperature is very important. Have you calibrated your thermometer so you can have confidence the temperature you are seeing is the actual temperature?

    102 F is OK as long as it is taken at the top of the eggs in a still air. The recommendation is 101.5 in a still air but that is plenty close enough for incubating or hatching.

    Make sure the plugs are out so you get some air circulation. Those eggs and chicks need fresh air, not stale air, to breathe.

    Good luck! It’s about to get exciting for you.

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