urgent: Are these herbs safe for ducks?


8 Years
Nov 16, 2015
Hi all

Hoping someone can help me with this in the next half hr or so...
i would like to give so e relaxing tea to a duckling who has hatched with neuro problems and probably wry neck (will get vit E tomorrow) as it is really hyperactive, and doesnt seem able to kinda slow its body down. Anyway i have a sleep tea and a relaxing tea which cintain valerian which I hope will help the duckling (in the absence of something like diazepam at 1am) and have been able to research most the herbs in the two, but cant find a definitive answer to whether the following are ok for ducks:

strawberry leaf

Can anyone tell me if they are ok? Or if they know for sure that any of the above are NOT ok?

I want to give the tea for the Valerian, catmint and chamomile in them, rather than the above, but i dont have any tea that is just valerian/chamomile, only these two teas with a combination of herbs which include the above.

Hoping someone can reply really soon, as I need something to settle this duckling so I can sleep tonight... I have it cuddled in under my duck Miller (who is an almost fully grown female who hatched with leg problems so doesnt walk, and who is really good with ducklings) and it has been happy there for the last 7-8 hrs since it came out of the incubator, but has just started getting really hyperactive. Not in a duckling energy kinda way, but in a 'something neurological is going on here' cant control itself kind way. So I am hoping there is something I have on hand to help it relax. Have already given what potentially useful vitamins and minerals I have on hand.
Since writing the above and giving it a little magnesium, its settled somewhat, Mills, 'big sister duck' is such a wee star, but I dont know how long that will last.. Prob only till it wakes next.
Have you googled these herbs. I don’t think strawberry would be a problem but I don’t know about the other two. Chamomile would most likely be safe too in low strength. Selenium. Vitamin E and some liquid b complex would be safe very low dose of selenium or try poultry nutri drench also making a donut out of a towel and placing the duckling down in it head out may help to give it security and keep the wee one calm hope you can help the little one through this.
Can you take a video, upload to YouTube or Vimeo, then copy/paste the link here?

I've treated a couple of chicks for crazy chick disease with vitamin e, they recovered in two days after receiving oral vitamin E:
http://www.poultrydvm.com/condition/encephalomalacia, and I've treated a couple with wry neck due to a thiamine deficiency with vitamin b injections and those were better in two hours after the injection:


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