Dec 31, 2014
On a Gravel Road in North Central Missouri

Just a little byline. I have a little BBR OEGB hen who prolapsed last year and was egg bound. I was sure she was a gonner as I had a hard time keeping the prolapse in. Finally it stayed where it was supposed to and she passed a small egg.

This year she went broody and hatched a single egg in August. 3 months later she is still taking care of her chick who is bigger than she is.

Her name is Hope.

Never give up hope!

Coturnix Quail

Jul 3, 2016
A few last questions. She wants to be out with her flock so when should i put her back? Also, I haven’t seen her eat normal chicken feed but she’s eaten kale, and only poked at egg. What can i do to get her to eat again? Haven’t seen any poops also.


May 26, 2009
David, Chiriquí, Panama
Is there any way you can keep her isolated (perhaps in a dog crate /kennel) but put that out in the coop so she can still see & be seen by her flock? I'd hesitate to put her back into general population until she's eaten properly and pooped, otherwise you'll not know if/when she does. And it goes without saying that if she has a relapse of the prolapse she'd need to be isolated to avoid anyone pecking at it and making the situation worse than it already is. Once she's met this criteria, then it should be safe to let her back out with her mates.


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Apr 3, 2011
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Sorry that I didn’t see this earlier. The best time to let her see the others is an hour or so before they all go to roost. Then you can either crate her or bring her back inside. If she is not prolapsed, then she can spend time with them with your checking her every so often.


Mar 30, 2019
Southern British Columbia
Please help me my 2 year old australorp hen was fine this morning but when i went to check on the girls there was blood everywhere in the coop and i found her bleeding from what looks to be her cloaca. She has been poofed up for the past few days but i didn’t think anything of it because it was cold, there also didn’t appear to be any blood before. She has fully molted and has all her feathers. I brought her in the house in a warm area and she still drips blood every two minutes or so. Also every minute or so it appears that she is trying to push something out?? There is a little bit of poop or something coming from her feathers leading up to her cloaca. She has been sitting in place trying to push something out i think. I fed her a grape to which she bit on but didn’t tear to eat it which is unusual because she likes grapes. As of right now she’s moving around a little bit trying to get out. Someone please help me i don’t know what to do!
Is she eggbound? If she is trying to get an egg out, put her in a warm Epsom bath for about 20 - 30 minutes and see if that helps her.

Coturnix Quail

Jul 3, 2016
I just saw the pictures, she does look like a prolapse. Follow the advice given, that's my best advice. Poor thing.
She is doing a lot better now. I managed to get the prolapse to stay in and she’s been walking around, eating, and pooping. So far everything has gone well. :)
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