URGENT Chick dying [update...]


12 Years
Dec 13, 2007
I have a chick who has his eyes closed, hard/quick breathing, a clicking noise while breathing, and white watery poops. Before the white poop he had a light green poop with no white cap. He wont drink or eat and will open his eyes for a brief moment and close them again. He doesnt stand, he sits on his butt with his feet out in front of him. He lays down with his wings out to his side.
He was a runt and is 3-4x smaller than the other chicks. He is almost 2 weeks old and 14 grams. I dont know what I should do. Im trying to make him as comfortable as I can with a heating pad and towels. Please help..
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14 grams? Wow, that's very thin. Honestly, the only thing you could do for him, I think, would be sub-q fluids. I've seen this soooo many times with the sick chicks from the feed store and it sounds like your chick is in the process of dying. If I had to guess, I would say that he/she had/has coccidiosis. Bless you for trying so hard.
You could try rubbing some Kayro Syrup on the roof of its mouth and tounge, but be careful not to aspirate it. A sugar boost will help sometimes.
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Keep doing what you are doing, but don't hold out much hope for the chick's survival. When they are unthrifty, they often don't make it. There is probably nothing that you could do any differently, so don't beat yourself up if the bird doesn't make it.

The only thing I might do is to add some sugar to the water to give a little boost of energy. Drip drops of water onto the tip of the beak to get some water into the little guy. Maybe with the little boost and some fluids, he may perk up.
The little guy passed away about 10 minutes ago. :/
Thank you for your guys help.
I'm so very sorry. I know you did what you could, so be kind to yourself and do something that makes you feel good.
Next time you have a lethargic dying chick, try syringing green smoothie up its butt. Seriously! I have saved a few chicks from death's door that were in the same position you explained. The green smoothie is a mixture of Kale, Honey, Water, Olive oil & apple. blended it in a blender and injected about 1/4 tsp into its vent with a dropper. The chick immediately pooped and I did one more squirt. It started getting some energy back. I dropper fed it green smoothie and alternated enemas throughout the day and night and it survived. This is after losing several babies throughout the years, not using green smoothie. (I had tried all other things on all the other chicks, except smoothie.) (it is possible that this chick had an impaction, or pneumonia, but whatever it was, she survived!) Now I swear by this method and have used it to save others!

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