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my friend called me in a panic and wanted me to log on to ask for advice (we both have chickens) she found one of her hens laying on the ground and thought it was dead turns out she is alive somewhat bloated has mucus coming from her mouth. initially she thought her hen was egg bound but feels no egg. nothing coming from the nose. apparently she threw up bile when she was checking for an egg. any info would help!
Get her confined, could it be a spider bite or perhaps it got a hold of some poision? How's her crop? You said bloated, what is bloated? her vent, her belly in between her legs, her crop?? What exactly looks bloated to you?

Smell her breath is there a fowl odor coming from it? check her vent is it swelled or red or anything look unusual

Does she feel Warm? Touch her skin usually under the wing right at the shoulder does it seem warm, how's her comb, is it pale or bright red or does it look normal. Check her legs, wings, eyes, look her over completely and let me know if you see any other signs. check her eyes for dilation do they dilate. Examine her well for anything, bites, injuries anything else..
she said it was her belly. she also said that there was a commotion in the coop around 5 but want able to check on it because of having to take care of the baby, she called the vet and to them it sounded like internal injury :-( they decided to put her down. thanks though for the quick reply. it really is appreciated.:) she was one of the lovey ones too.
it was really really sad. she was one of my favorite chickens. Fatty pants will be sorely missed, not only by me and my family but my neighbors and friends too. now she is not suffering though and that gives me some peace. she is in the big pasture in the sky and probably loving it :)
The same thing happened to me this morning but it was dead. It was a golden lace Wyandotte top hat. It's eyes were gone and the other eye was gone too. Any ideas of why it died.
Yeah :) she is probably having a lovely time eating all the worms in sight and sunbathing with her new friends in heaven. She has probably met my chicken Happy!
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