URGENT duckling dying please help


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May 21, 2009
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one week old call duckling appears to be having seizures folding his neck down and cant stand, keeps going backwards. He has some sort of problem with his eye and has been scratching it. I put some vet rx on his bill and in his mouth. I want to give tetracyclin but can't figure out how to mix it to a gallon. his neck is kind of bulging on one side like his muscle is tense. And it's Saturday so no vet to call. PLEASE HELP!
I found him sopping wet and cold when I got home like he must have fallen on his back into the drinker (chick drinker) I got him warm not and dry and he his doing a little better now and actually up and walking....well stumbling ...... I have noticed when he stands he looks "pigeon toed" one of his legs turns in more.....maybe a splint like for splay legs? I am also wondering if dry active yeast is the same as brewers yeast?
Hard to know if its neurological- or a vitamin/ nutrient deficiency. Sadly- if its neurological- there really isnt a great deal that can be done- but the treatment for a vitamin deficiency is supplementing the diet with the vitamins that the duckling has lacked. I have treated some ducklings for thiamine deficiency- and the symptoms sound somewhat the same... but also a little different so I couldnt say for sure that lack of thiamine is the problem. My ducklings showed symptoms of falling over backwards- holding the neck in a strange way-and walking in circles. It is often referred to as " stargazing"

When a duckling is deficient in certain nutrients- they need huge doses to help them. The recommended doses on packs are a maintenance dose- assuming that the diet is pretty good- but just gives a bit of a boost. A duckling deficient will need the levels brought but up no normal and maintained for a while. So because of this- improvements may not be seen for a number of days in severe cases.

Your issue is finding out if this is neurological... or a deficiency. Then if it is a deficiency- working out exactly what it is lacking. Treating with a multivitamin will in some cases mean that they are " overdosing" on other essential vitamins that they do not need. But most vitamins are not manufactured on their own - but a vet can often give a dose by needle if the correct deficiency can be established.
Brain injury- fluid on the brain and some other neurological issues can work themselves out as the duckling grows, but most likely the duckling will never thrive and will need much more care through out its whole life.

Sorry I cant be of more help - but maybe some of this " background" information may be able to help you work out what is best to try for your little one until you can get it to a vet.
for trying to help. Good luck with your little one sunket77 ~Julie~
Thank you!! He seems to be doing better, I think when I found him he was just way to cold, I just knew he was dying. I was going to try duramycin but not sure if ducks can have it. When he tries to clear his nose he doesn't clear it all the way and then kind of wheezes for a while until he gets good and dry like he doesn't know how to ...well blow his nose?? hopefully he will be ok until I can get him to a vet.....which hopefully won't cost much!
Do you have any Vit E? If so, pop a capsule and give it some in it's bill. I used 200 IU three times a day with my Silkie that had wry neck and an almost drowning and it seemded to bring him around quickly. Now he's the head Rooster in the Silkie coop! I wish you the best of luck

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