Urgent help needed!!


In the Brooder
5 Years
Apr 15, 2014
My broody hen hatched three chicks today but then bugged out and took them outside abandoning on in the Nest and I found her with one sheltering under her outside and one limp and almost lifeless on the ground. I've tucked it under my woodstove inside a slipper with some blankets as I don't have a brooder. What can I do???
I also held her by the electric heater for a bit which brought some life back and she is chirping away now, should I take her back to mum???
Ok oit her back with mum and she seems fine now phew !!! One of the chicks was born with intestines out
which I read is from mum not rotating the eggs well? Poor thing lived most of the day but died when mum left the nest. Here she is with her two healthy babies tucked underneath, she has abandoned the remaining eggs

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