Urgent help please.


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Jul 8, 2016
Portland Dorset UK
Our beloved black Orpington has puffed up and is staggering around as if she is drunk. We have felt an egg inside, have put her in warm water, given some olive oil and tried to manipulate the egg. She has gone down hill so fast. She's really not in a good way. Called the vet but he said there is nothing they can do. Any advice? She's only a year old.
Did you feel the egg with a finger inside the vent? If you have some human calcium tablets, antacid tablets that contain calcium, or some crushed egg shells, give her one crushed into some yogurt or egg. Place her in a warm humid environment such as a bathroom after running hot water and closing the door, which can help. Also give her some water, since dehydration can be another cause for egg binding. She could have an overly large egg that she is having difficulty with. Let us know how she gets along, and you may want to read this article:

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