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    Feb 14, 2014
    So my chick is the runt of the litter she gets stepped on pecked and shoved away when she eats. i've fed her alone and made sure she eats a lot but today i just look and found her laying down, I picked her up and she wont move. Her eyes are closed but she's still breathing and moving her beak as if to cheep but nothing comes out! I've tried to feed her and give her water but she just movies her beak and shakes her head fast when water gets in her beak. Help! She wont get up and stays in any position i put her in, one of her legs is responsive but shes not moving except her head and beak! what do i do???
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    Apr 3, 2011
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    If you can get some fluid into her she may survive. She needs electrolytes and fluids first, then food later. If you can get some aquarium tubing from WalMart or a pet store, take a lighter to one end and burn it to round off sharp edges. Then get a 35 or 60 ml syringe. These can be used for tube feeding. Here is a link to show you the position of the esophagus or tube down to the crop for feeding, and another link for tube feeding:

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