Urgent I think... Infected skin all around neck of Coturnix


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Oct 8, 2012
Hi I could really use some help. One of my coturnix hens was missing all the feathers around her neck the other day and it looked bloody. I don't know if the other birds did this to her or if a predator had gotten a hold of her.
I isolated her and kept it clean. I put some peroxide on the neck, it looked greenish in some spots. Today it's all scabby and swollen looking and it looks even worse. I'm continuing with the peroxide, poured a little colloidal silver on it and put on some neosporin. I put some antibiotic feed in her dish. Can anyone help me out? Thanks!

Looks like you have the healing process taken care of. Can a predator get to your quail? If so get then secured. Think when you put what have done to clean the wound you pretty much have taken all the steps readers would suggest.
A predator could get in, but not that easily. I've secured the pen better.
The wound looks like it got worse since yesterday when i started cleaning it, it's a huge scabby thing now and I think there's some greenish stuff in it. A couple weeks ago, this same bird healed perfectly from an eyeball I thought for sure was totally pecked out.
Do coturnix quail usually heal quickly? I'm just worried because it looks so much worse today than yesterday.
Ok so something is wrong with her wing too. I hope I didn't cause this trying to clean her neck. But there was a tuft of feathers looking like they were going in the opposite direction. Well at closer look, the skin is ripped off her back. It looks awful. What can I do for the poor girl?
I have put neosporin on my wounded birds before after seeing it recommended here. Quail are tough and she will most likely get over it. How is she acting?

I had one attacked by her cellmates so badly that it looked like she was semi-decapitated and she lived. She was jumbo in a pen with 3 other female Tibetans, I think it was racism. I isolated her and she healed. the first day she was in shock so bad I almost put her down.
Make sure the other birds can't get to her and keep her fed good, she'll likely be fine.
She's really mad about being confined for so long even though I got her a nice indoor cage that is much bigger than the cat carrier I was keeping her in (that's what I had been using for hurt birds). She keeps calling for her other birds. She seems stressed. Her wing is still drooping but I'm trying to handle her as little as possible. Poor girl. It's gonna be a while before I let her back in (if she heals) but if that wing stays messed up she might have to be an indoor quail.

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