Urgent! My Chick Is Barely Breathing! Help!


8 Years
Apr 28, 2011
Her eyes arent open, she wont drink, she wont eat, she isnt moving, and she is BARELY breathing! What do I do for her?! What is wrong with her?! Im so worried!
I just hate when animals die in my hands!
Do you have any more info? What was going on before she got to this point or was it just that sudden. Any other symptoms, discharge from anywhere(nostrils, eyes, vent), how was/is poop, did she eat anything new or different(change feed, brand), have you wormed, was she fluffed, lethargic before she got to this point, is anyone else exhibiting any symptoms, when was the last time she laid, how old is she????? any other info you can share.
Shes just a baby, only a few weeks old. She was hatched in a bator with her brothers and sisters, but lives with a broody mama (silkie) her brothers and sisters seem to be ok. When I came out mama and babies were doing ok, but she was laying in the straw barely breathing so I ran inside with her and put her on a heating pad (on low) and she still isnt breating. And no. no change of feed.
I wonder if she could have got too cold. I live just below you in Georgia and we had to add a heat lamp two days ago because of the freezing nights in some of our coops with younger birds. I would try putting her under a heat light maybe in a box or brooder (whatever you may have). Hope she gets to feeling better.
Hang in there DuckGirl. Which one is it? I agree put her under a heat lamp. Then try to get some moisture in her by dabbing her beak with a wet cutip. Take some deep breathes. The experts are here to help. ( I'm not an expert but I can still try to help!)

All my heat lamps are broken
she opened her eyes though
ive been dipping her beak in the water and she perked up some!

And its the lavender
Good. Keep us updated. Is there any way you could get her a worm? It would be very good for her because they are hight in protein. Keep dipping her beak in the water.... moisture is essential.

Our hopes and prayers are with you and your chick,


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