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to get the girls in the coop fast. Preferably without having to chase them about too much.

I have to leave to drop off one of the kids I look after at 5pm and then race off to my class and I can't take a toddler outside with me to put the girls in and I can't leave him unattended for too long (I will put him in his crib for safety, but I still have to be very speedy).

Feller is away, so there is nobody to lock up the coop when the girls go to bed on their own and I won't be home until after 10pm. I don't know that I want them to be in the dark unsecured for 3 hours (time between when it gets dark and when I get home. I know it's happened before because I have come home a couple of times where feller had forgotten to put them to bed.

Should I risk it or try and get them in at 5?
I usually try with an ear of corn - they LOVE that and follow me (when they are in the mood)
I usually try with an ear of corn - they LOVE that and follow me (when they are in the mood)

Yep! Start feeding them treats in the run--corn, scratch, left over pasta....whatever they like and is easy for you. It won't take long for them to get the idea so that whenever you want them in all you'll have to do is call and toss a few treats.
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they are in the run. It isn't really secure against racoons (although I haven't seen any about in a long time), so I was wanting to lock them in the house.

I know it would be a lot easier to just let them go to bed when they are ready and lock up when I get home.

Treats sound like the best bet to me.

Leaving them out until ten is a little risky, and even though you haven't seen them around doesn't mean that leaving the girls out that late won't provoke new raccoon attention.

But i would put them an hour or two before you have just in case you have to try twice.

eta: can you do it during his afternoon nap?
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we use the same bowl for treats and they come running for it when they see it.. right into the run and coop.. they train easily. after a few times they get the idea about the bowl
If treats don't work for me, I have a long stick I use to help me herd them - works pretty well to keep them going in the direction I want. I don't poke or hit them or anything, just use it to make my 'wingspan' about 4 feet longer.
When my chickens were little and I didn't feel comfortable leaving them out full-time I employed the evil broom. It took a bit of herding the first few times, but after a few days they saw the evil broom and immediately headed to their pen.
They hate that broom to this day.
I guess you can chance it if they're in the run. You may not have an option and hopefully all will be well when you get home tonight.

A secure run can be worth the investment. We spent 2 weeks building a secure run and now I am glad I did!

Good Luck!

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