URGENT New chick with navel bulge


Jul 13, 2022
Hi, I just hatched out a chick with a bulge in its navel area and I am not sure what to do about it. Someone please respond with an answer I want this chick to survive. It was not bleeding last I checked and the area is dry. I was just cleaning this little one up and found the bulge is attached to shell and poop. I stopped cleaning it so I didn’t hurt it or anything but I need an answer fast. Thanks in advance. PS. Sorry about the bad picture. I can take another


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I believe it's the yolk sack still absorbing , it will probably go down.
It isn’t the yolk sac but thanks for the suggestion. It is pink and I am worried it is a hernia. It is dry and it looks like it has a little bit of a scab on it. I will post a better picture in a few minutes. I really need an answer so if you know anything please let me know. Thanks
Better picture…. The white/ yellow is shell/membrane/poop. Zoom in on the little bump that looks bloody. It is just a scab. Should I just wait it out?


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