URGENT! PLEASE! Duck cant pass waste - UPDATED

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    My friend has a 3 year old duck. On Friday noticed the area between its legs blown up like a big balloon. Vent was swollen. She soaked her in epsom salt water and was able to squeeze very green smelly water from her vent until the abdomen was empty. On Saturday, the abdomen was swollen again. She did the same treatment. Today, same thing all over. I went over to check her out, here is what I found:

    Very large abdomen is very tight and filled with air and water. You can shake her and hear the water swooshing around. Her vent is swollen and very green and chunky looking. Her whole head appears swollen now. I put my finger in her vent and found that you can only go about 1/2 in. It is blocked by what seems to be a twist in the oviduct(may not be right word, maybe cloaca? not sure correct terminology), not an egg. We can no longer get water out of her. I tried using a syringe in the blown up area and could not get any water out, just very smelly air. She has not been pooping since at least friday and I could only imagine that if its not coming out, it is backing up into her system. I fear she doesnt have much time to live like this. Any thoughts or ideas?
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    I cannot get to the vet until Tuesday (tomorrow). He is not available today. I am afraid that she will not make it due to not being able to eliminate waste since Friday. Is there anything can I do for her? I tried draining, nothing comes out except a little air. i cant even get alot of air out.
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    Aug 28, 2007
    Stillwater, NJ
    Even though only 1 person made an attempt to help me here, I thought I would update anyway.

    The duck went to the vet and had x-rays taken. The vet says it was an abscess which was pushing into her vent area, therefore closing it off. He feels the abscess was caused by some sort of injury. She is now on penicillin every other day for a week. The swelling has gone down in her head and somewhat between her legs. Her vent is still closed but looks to be passing very liquidy waste now.
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    I hope your friend's duck has a speedy recovery and is back to normal duck behavior soon! [​IMG]

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