Urgent please for BYC supporters of Lee County, Florida

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    (I looked but could not find the main Florida thread so I am posting to a new thread - mods, feel free to move it as needed)

    BYC of Lee County, Florida supporters, I need your help. I have just TODAY come under greater scrutiny for keeping chickens in my backyard here in Cape Coral. I have been asked to show proof that I have them for educational reasons. While the officials over at Code Enforcement have been great about working with me to avoid citation, I can't help but feel my freedom to continue keeping chickens at my home in Cape Coral is now in more jeopardy than ever from others higher up. I don't understand this at all as I do everything I can to be in complete compliance with current ordinances. I will be sending out a VERY IMPORTANT emergency update about this situation TODAY. I will also share how favorably the last Sustainability Advisory Committee Meeting went. If you are not already on our mailing list and would like to be, please let me know ASAP by contacting me at [email protected] so I can put you in the loop. At present, I am YOUR LAST BEST hope for getting the county wide ordinances changed in favor of backyard flocks. PLEASE SUPPORT ME NOW.

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    Hi. Did you find anything out on this yet? We live in the Brandon area, and are currently thinking of moving to Cape Coral. We have 3 hens that the kids do not want to leave behind. We feel they are domesticated because the kids even cuddle and bathe the chickens! They are our pets. We will most likely be moving to a residential- not rural- area. Unfortunately, this could impact our decision if we move there or not....

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