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My duckling has been pipped for around 2 days and was wrongly positioned with his leg over his head. I chiped away the shell and cut at the membrane hoping to help. He just doesnt seem to push hard enough what can i do? Please help.
I had a chick do this and I just waited and waited and just never hatched on it's own. keep it moist so that it can move, I little dropper of warm water around the membrane may help, just no water near the beak. Good luck, I hope it is a happy ending for you, mine didn't make it.
I would try to soften the membrane with WARM water, just make sure the egg doesn't fill with water and drown the duckling.
Then, you might assist in hatching.
I will say that all the chicks or ducklings that I had whose membranes dried out, were deformed and had to be put down.
I don't want to discourage you though because it might still make it.
Prepare a small bowl of warm water and a sponge or small paint brush. Wrap the egg in a paper towel dampened with warm water. Best thing would be to preheat the bathroom with warm steam from the shower and work in there.

Moisten the visible membrane to help soften it up. Brush a small amount of water on the inside and outside of the membrane. Be sure you are working in a warm, humid place to avoid chilling and killing the chick. Be careful not to get water in the nostrils or beak.

As the membrane softens, slowly loosen it, and peel it back a little at a time. Keep moistening and loosening. It will probably take a long time. Work the limbs out carefully. Where the shell is stuck, moisten and wait.

Good luck!

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