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    Jan 24, 2013
    My normally really energetic is acting very weird today. i unlocked them later than i normally do and they all ran out happy and eager to eat exedpt squirt (shown in the photo below). she stopped right in the door wy and fell to the floor on to her right side. she couldnt get back up, i emediatly grabbed her and brought her to my pagola and tried figuring out what was wrong. She is not moving at al and keeps closing her eyes like she is sleeping. i have tryed giving her food which she is eating at less than half the speed that she would normally eat. she is eating in small portions than goes back to her (sleeping). her eyes ae also very blood shot and she has her tails curled up. i checked to see if she was egg bound which i came to the prognosis of she is not but im no expert. i hope the information i have provded is enough. if anyone has any idea of what is wrong with her please comment i love her soo much and would be devistated if something serious has happened. PLEASE ANYONE WITH SOME IDEA PLEASE COMMENT BELOW. we just brought her inside as it is quite cold and windy outside. i really have no idea what is wrong.

    now later inthe day....

    We have had her inside most of the day now and she had sign of improvement she started walking around eating much more and more things that chickens do but now she has been standing in the same position with her eyes closed for the past 15 -20 minutes, she is alive i have checked but i have hear her weasing and i now think that she has gape worm. She doesnt seem overly bothered about it just very uncomfortable as she keeps crooking her neck up and to the side. Her breathing isnt delayed to much i think i caught it quite early i think. My mum has gone to the pet shop on her way home to see if they sell anything to cure it. I also think she has a infestation of mites and lice. she hasn't made any noise today. She is having adrink of water now but is still mute. Does that mean anything, she is normally very verbal.




    y would this morning and they all run out extremley happy and eager to eat except my chicken squirt
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    May 9, 2013
    Start with her crop,has crop emptied today,or has crop stayed full all day? Has she been drinking,possible dehydration. Check over very carefully for any wounds,mites/lice,look under wings,around vent area,base of tail feathers. Check her vent area,anything unusual? Has she laid any eggs recently? Have you introduced any new members to your flock? you could look up information for Coccidiosis,some symptoms are runny/watery poop(may or may not contain blood)fluffed feathers,lethargic,weight loss,not eating/drinking properly. If you feel this may be the problem,purchase Corid(amprolium)dose for Corid 20%powder is 1/2 tsp per gallon of water,dose for Corid 9.6% liquid is 2 tsp per gallon of water. Treat ALL chickens for 5 days,do not give vitamins during treatment(interferes with medication)give vitamins after treatment is complete. Make sure she is warm,she does not look good at all. Has she been like this all day?
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    She hadn't had anything to drink all day, but she is drinking a lot of water now. i checked her thoroughly and found she has lice and mites. i havnt got any new hens at all not in the last 6-8 months anyways. ill look into that sounds like what she has although all the symptoms point to gapeworm aswell. thankyou sooo much for your help
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    Is she gaping? Gapeworm is not common. Can she straighten up or is she just staying in this head down position? Mites and lice can cause a chicken to die by making them anemic. You have to find a dust or spray that works, then you have to treat every chicken, clean out all of the bedding from nests, coop, and run, and get rid of it. Then you have to repeat this every 7-10 days until they are gone. She looks really sick, so she is going to need some quick care. Feed her some eggs and extra protein, and you can make her some hommade electrolytes, or give her pedialyte or gatorade powder in water. When she is feeling better, she might need to be wormed, but don't do it while she is this bad.
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    Found this thread on treating mites/lice:


    Use DE [Diatomaceous Earth] or Sevin dust. I know you can get DE from Tractor Supply.

    Also, I agree with Ten Chicks. She has symptoms of Cocci and I would treat her and the rest of the flock with Corid or Amprol [outside USA].

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