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Oct 10, 2018
I have a turkey I found this morning laying down not wanting to move. After looking him over he seems to have something wrong with his vent. It is crusty and dark around the edges and greenish like there's poop stuck to it towards the inside but he has white stuff coming out of it. There was a long string of white when I checked him that made me think work but it was just sticky liquid. He was fine yesterday ate well drank water, did his dance last night. A couple of days ago his beard looked whitish but then it went away and returned to normal colors I did not think much of it he was acting normal otherwise. I'm not sure if that means anything today he looks a little pale but not white like that day.
While looking him over I noticed his feathers underneath are mostly gone I hadn't noticed that before. I'm not sure what that is from. He is also missing some feather on his back and has some scratches where skin was broken. That I thought could just be from messing around with the other turkey.
On a feather related note I have been thinking my chickens have lice because of missing feathers, picking under vent area, and low egg count but haven't been able to find any bugs or eggs. Could that be why his feathers are missing because of lice? I still couldn't find any bugs or eggs on him.
I tried cleaning him up as best I could. Do I put antibiotic ointment on his vent?
I don't know what to do for him he seems very weak just wanting to sleep, doesn't want to eat .I dropped some water into his beak and he drank some but not much.
He is currently outside of the coop laying in a pool filled with straw with water and food for him but he just doesn't seem interested in moving.
Does anyone have any idea what it could be? Or how to help him?
I tried taking photos but they aren't very good quality I apologize.
Thank you for your help.


Jan 13, 2019
Maybe he has pasty butt? weird for an older bird to get that..........maybe his works got plugged up and he's having trouble pooping.

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