urgently need help,what is wrong with my silkie chick????

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    i have a 2 week old silkie chick,up untill now the chick has been fine,but 2 days ago i noticed she couldnt keep her neck up(almost like it was broken)and when she trys to walk she goes everywhere backwards,the bird is unable to keep her head up unless i hold it up for her,i have not had this problem with any other chicks i have reared and find it totally bizarre,i have4 seperated her off from the rest of the chicks,she cant drink or eat on her own i have to feed hand,i did notice her breast bone was quite prounanced is this normal in chicks,any info would be greatly appreciated,shes the only silkie chick i have and i dont want to have to cull her if possible,[​IMG]
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    Please PM Bat Cave Silkies with this problem
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    Sounds like wry neck. Try a search on that term on this board and also on youtube, as there are a lot of videos there, especially of silkies. From what i've read it can be cured with vitamin E and selenium.

    Here is one of the youtube videos: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SS64ne2boQ0

    looks like prednisone can also help, but that would need to be prescribed by a vet.
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    Wry Neck, A good poultry vitamin or poly vi sol children liquid vitamin and Vitamin E gel caps, pierced open and dribbled in beak..( I am also experimenting with a Vitamin E & Selenium gel paste for goats.. )

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