Use doggy pee pads in the brooder?


7 Years
Aug 9, 2013
I have a left over box of doggy pee pads. They were too expensive to throw away so they just sit in a closet waiting to be used for something. Could I use those in the brooder for a while?
I'm sure other people will be appalled, but when my chicks outgrew their brooder, they had to live in the shower for a while. I couldn't use other bedding, so I went with puppy pads. The chickies scratched them around a bit, but they worked okay, and everyone made it out happy and healthy.
oh gee, I sure hope using them is okay. I got some, too, because I'd read around that it was okay to use those. I have some aspen bedding, too, just in case. But I don't see why it would be bad if people use paper towels.
I've got some kiln dried pine shavings arriving today so I'm covered, too. But it seems like the pee pad should be fine. The have more texture than newspaper, maybe more than paper towels which I've been told to use for the first few days...
I used pee pads on a batch of chicks. Works just like paper towels. They do scratch it up a little but clean up was easier than news paper or paper towels.

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