Use "Funky Chicken Facts" to inform citizens and help make your case.

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    Sep 19, 2009
    We've developed a list of 20 "Funky Chicken Facts" that we are handing out at events. These facts (with links to sources) include intriguing generic chicken facts, but also include four facts specific to our campaign to re-legalize hens. These four deal with noise, code complaints in the City, our blog, and the history of chicken keeping around here. Feel free to adapt this document for your use.

    Sarasota CLUCK's Top Twenty Funky Chicken Facts
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    Facts is Facts! Or is that, Fax is Fax? Reminds me of a story. 3 years ago the town wanted to ban Pit Bulls. I brought a sheet of paper in with 20 pictures of "flat faced" dogs. I told everyone to pick out the Pit Bull. 2 out of about 40 picked right. I asked who was going to determine whether a dog was a Pit or not . The Animal Control Officer that couldn't guess the Pit?. Or are they going to ban ALL "flat faced" dogs? To this day, they still haven't banned them. OUCH, I hurt my shoulder patting myself on the back! Sorry, back to Funky Chicken Facts. [​IMG]
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    Love this and love what Florida is doing with chickens. I was born and raised in St. Pete, but live in rural KY now and "in town" (27,000 people) they can't keep chickens.

    deb g
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    Oh, EGGSCELLENT Funky Facts!

    Because this is one of MY favorite facts, perhaps you could mention that chickens LOVE earwigs? (And tons of other bugs in the yard and garden.)

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