Use old tree house for coop

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    Mar 27, 2013
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    Ok, at first I wanted a recycled wood pellet coop. Now, I think I am changing my mind to use an existing tree house as the coop because the pallets coop wasn't turning out to be as cheap as I thought it would be..

    I will need to insulate it (and protect from rodents and any other animals) because at the moment it is very windy. I can see through the floor, so to avoid the chickens' toes getting caught in the flooring, I thought of applying old vinyl flooring that I have on hand! Would that work?

    I have this left over (I don't think they will mind the color haha). It is very thick:

    The tree house is this:

    I can stand up freely in the house.

    I have never wanted to use it as a chicken coop because it is pretty close to my neighbors'. I am not sure of the amount of noise produced by 3 to 5 chicks.. NO ROOSTERS! :)

    I made a little video of the house. Do you see too many down sides? I know there is some work to be done, close the gaps, make sure it has some ventilation, etc.. but I think it could be cheaper than the pallets coop!

    Thanks again ;)
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    YES!! I won’t be the only one! Sabz, check out the 'my coop' link under my picture.

    That old vinyl you've got will work great.

    Our coop is within 20 feet from the neighbors fence, they don’t mind cause we keep it clean and share some eggs once in a while. Don't be fooled, hens can get loud after they lay. Not as loud as a rooster, but loud enough for us to hear them in the front yard when they are celebrating on the coop ramp in the back yard. I've also got a particularly chatty RIR...

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