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    Dumb question: I've always made my pies fresh, but I have some canned apple pie filling that I made and I want to make a pie from it. I drain the water out, right? Otherwise it's going to make my crust all soggy.
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    I think the canned apple pie filling has already been thickened and has all the spices too so you just pour it in your crust and bake. Good luck! Oh I see this is filling that you made, sorry! If it is watery you could drain that off or put it in a saucepan and cook it down some.
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    Is your filling just sliced apples? Pie filling is usually already thickened, but lots of people just can the apples because it is safer.

    If it is a small amount of liquid, I'd thicken it with either cornstarch or tapioca flour. If it is a lot of liquid, I'd drain some of it off.

    Then, it depends upon whether you canned with sugar or just water pack. You'll have to adjust the amount of sugar in the pie filling.
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    Be careful that it does not turn out too dry though. I am thinking if you stir it up well? Wonder why it is watery like that? Was it ever thickened? I sprinkle flour over my fresh apples to thicken, then the juice produced from the apples mixes with it and makes the 'filling' part. You have to thicken it up somehow, but you want to keep those apples moist and not dry them out. I don't think it will make your crust soggy though. You could bake your pie crust for 10 minutes to start the cooking process, that will keep it flakier. That sounds so good! HOLD ON: I'll look up in my canning book for you:

    OK, nothing there, sorry.

    I am of a mind to say leave the liquid, just make sure you have some thickener in there, it will evaporate somewhat while baking. Then as it cools, it will thicken. Good luck! OH and cyber share?

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