Using CDs on top of chicken run to deter hawks/eagles

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    Mar 16, 2016
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    Finally got the chicken run done (this is a picture of it from my upstairs window). The top is covered with heavy duty deer FENCE, not the cheap deer netting used to cover plants. It has a 650 lb. breaking load at 107 pounds per tensile. I have no idea what that means but it sounds impressive! I had it leftover from fencing in my garden since the deer were absolutely relentless about getting into. Anyways, I thought I read somewhere that if you put cds on top of a run the reflection will prevent flying predators from diving into it. However, when I went back to research the topic I couldn't find any information. Not on this site, nor a general google search. Does anyone have any experience with using cds on top of runs? Last evening I looked out at my girls and they were all frozen statues; not even blinking. I opened up the window and tried talking to them and they did not budge. I knew that meant trouble. I ran outside and scared off the massive immature bald eagle that took my neighbor's rooster a few months ago.
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    I think sacrifice one of your birds to the national symbol is a noble deed.

    Anyway, my birds always ran for cover when arial predator was present. Do your birds have places to hide?
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    Mar 16, 2016
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    No trees or shrubs, only back into their coop.
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    Not sure the CD's will help, probably more effective flat like that rather than hanging, maybe add more.
    Hopefully you don't get to see the 'breaking load' on that netting tested by a diving eagle....or have to disentangle said eagle from netting.

    I'd be more concerned about how the netting is going to fare under a snow load.

    You can put some things in your run for cover/shade...a pallet up on 4 concrete blocks, or 2 pallets(or plywood) made into an 'A' frame, is quick/easy/cheap.
    Will offer some diversion/exercise/enrichment as well as shade and cover.

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