using chicken fencing as grape trellis?

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    Aug 5, 2015
    So we've been free-ranging our chickens the last few months and they're literally pooping everywhere. Not to mention, it feels like a bad joke because they keep crossing the road to our neighbor's land. One thing we noticed last year was that the chickens liked to hide out under the grapes.

    This led me to an idea of building a fence and using it as a grape trellis? I might add a separate wire that's extended out a little for the grapes.

    I found a couple of people saying they added grape vines to their run, but none that have a "living" grape fence.

    I'm not worried about them eating all the grapes.

    Some of the issues I worry about is maintenance -- will it make the fence hard to maintain? Will it attract pests? Will the chickens gorge themselves on so many grapes that it's unhealthy?

    I figured it was a good way to save money, make a wired fence look more pleasing (once grown out) and give the chickens some additional food to eat.

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