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Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by SusanD, Feb 24, 2015.

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    My parents and I just changed the set up for our chicks (two of them are around a week old and one is around two weeks old), and I would like to make sure that the set up we have will be workable.

    We changed from using newspapers (with paper towels on top) to using coconut litter on top of newspapers). They are enjoying it: They did a lot of scratching and pecking when they were put back in their box.

    I was wondering if I need to worry about the coconut litter getting wet? My dad spilt a small amount of water when he put their waterer back in. Also we have a upside down waterer (like a rabbit waterer only for chicks - my dad's idea as I think he likes it better than our more conventional one). We are using both as the two smallest chicks have not master the complicated waterer) which does drip a small amount.

    Do I need to worry about the chicks eating the litter given that they are still pretty little?

    Also, how often should it be changed? I have been changing the newspaper/paper towel combo two or three times a day, but have no idea how often to change the coconut litter.

    Also, do I need to work about the newspaper being too slippery, or should the coconut litter provide enough traction?



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