Using Kelp Meal and Fertrell Nutribalancer in feed recipe

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    Thanks in advance to anyone who can share their two cents of experience on this.

    If I am mixing my own feed and want to use some kelp meal in the formula as well as add in some Fertrell Nutribalancer, is there a downside or something to watch out for (other than increased cost) of using the two together? I know the Nutribalancer provides methionine as does kelp meal. Can you overdo it on the methionine or other nutrients by using these two products together?

    My goal for our layer flock is to take a non-gmo broiler feed which has no soy, corn or animal products and mix in other ingredients (I want to mix in some corn and fish meal) to improve the nutrition without the cost of organic feed. Oyster shells on the side.

    My current idea of a recipe would be:

    65% Non-GMO Natural Farms Broiler Feed (Base ingredients = peas, triticale, camelina meal, canola meal, barley)
    16% Organic Wheat
    11% Organic Cracked Corn
    5% Fish meal
    1.6% Kelp Meal
    0.8% Fertrell Nutribalancer

    Protein Content would be 18.8%
    Cost would be $0.66/lb aka $26 for a 40lbs bag

    The bagged feed is a good price for our desires. The wheat is a cheaper filler. The corn is for quicker nutrition for winter. The fish meal is for higher quality protein. Kelp and Nutribalancer for enhanced minerals and balanced feed. I would be calculating adding only Nutribalancer to the wheat and corn since the Broiler Feed already has a pre-mix in it.

    Any comments or suggestions as to my recipe idea are welcome, too...thanks!

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